Welcome to Iceland

I have the mountains of Reykjavik on the horizon outside my window when I wake up and pull the curtain aside.

I’ve never been to a country with such a tangible and expressive intense energy. And I’ve been many places! Here the awareness of Nature as a living creature, space, air and such amazing wildness is apparent and expressed. Naturally!

The trip through the black lava fields on my way from the airport reveals just how alive the landscape is. There is something out there. Barely visible and when tried to catch, it flees from the corner of my eye.

My Icelandic friend, Linda, tells me that the magic and the energy of the glacier Snæfjellsjökull is so intense, that you both feel and see it from afar, as we are celebrating the happy reunion over a glass of wine.

I should go there!

In Iceland, they know stuff. Like that.

We haven’t seen each other in 22 years. But the friendly vibration is there between us still as if not one day has passed.

I go to bed, tired and satiated from all the first impressions, as Iceland’s very being approaches from the outside and through the small crack in the open window she sneaks in. It is both a violent and beautiful experience, but I accept and open up to receive, as the energy slowly melts into me, one vibration at a time..

There is a piece of lava in the window, put there by my Icelandic land lady, Rut, for decoration.. Maybe.. or for initiation?

’The key to our energy,’ says Iceland, as I place the lava between my hands and feel the same lift as last night. Deep in my soul I understand and am grateful.

Can’t wait to get out there..