Psychic  Session

Need to get to know yourself better?


Doubting the direction of your life?


Are you facing difficult decisions, transformations, life changes, purification of old identity, releasing karma, doing deep shadow work, purging old programming or are you stuck in the noise of the ego?

Are you a sensitive?

Do you have otherworldly abilities and don't know how to deal with them, what to do, or how to listen to your heart?


Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, difficult processes, grief, or anything else we all have to go through as humans?

Do you need advice and guidance to understand the energies that affect you? To find balance?

I tune into you, communicate with your higher self, and the guides and helpers, angels or loved ones around you.

We focus on your soul themes, work to release any blockages, as well as discuss how you can better help yourself, know yourself, understand your life, what you are going through and thus become a happier person with greater awareness.

No matter who you are and why you come to see me, you will be guided and advised with great integrity, honesty, kindness, and compassion.












Mobile: +45 20 74 52 96 


Duration: 1 hour


Fee: 100 EUR


Sessions via Zoom only.