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'I am fortunate to have been to clairvoyant sessions with Camila Reland. Every time, Camila has given guidance with a deep insight and sense of understanding who she is working with. She is a brilliant mediator for the messages she passes on, which makes it easy for me to understand them. I have always taken with me a greater calm and a clearer understanding of myself and what to do next after a session with her. That's why I can highly recommend Camila Reland's professional advice and guidance. 

 -Nanna Bay, Teacher

'When I first visited Camila, I believed this clairvoyance thing was pure mumbo jumbo.  But after my first session I experienced a clarity, a calm in my system and a more positive outlook on my life, and also where to focus. I felt a great redemption- something my psychologist hadn't been able to come close to, even after months of therapy.

I have since participated in her Circle and also Naturewalks, which helped me reconnect to my inner sacred feminine, trusting my intuition, inner voice and inner peace, we all need in our daily lives.

She is super sharp, she is direct and cuts straight to the point and is very sympathetic at the same time. 

I can only say, just do it, say yes to change- Camila hasn't yet told me anything I didn't need to hear.'

 -Jeanette Poulsen

'I've had a clairvoyant session with Camila, which was filled with clarity, insight and a loving kick in my behind to start taking myself more seriously. Camila speaks a clear and direct language, is professional and is gifted with something that makes you believe there is more between heaven and earth.'

 -Louise Standhart

'Many years ago, I was fortunate to make contact with my grandfather, who had passed.  The medium was Camila Reland, and I will never ever forget it. I sought out Camila, because my father was upset and missed his father. I, myself, was sure there was something out there that would reconnect my father with his father, but my father was more of a sceptic and only let himself be persuaded, because I insisted.  

Meeting Camila with my brother and father still stands in my memory as one the wildest things ever happening in my life. Not only did Camila mediate messages from my grandfather, she also gave us detailed information about his life from his childhood to his death. She told us where he had played as a child, about the impact music and film had had on his life and also what he wanted to each tell us. We were in awe and very touched by this experience.  My father felt calmer after the experience. He suddenly felt, that his father was still around him, that he hadn't disappeared. I gained a larger belief in life and incredible insight about who my grandfather truly was and how important their relationship was to my father.  

I have the deepest respect for Camila Reland's gift and how she chooses to work with and for it. To have a session with her is a gidt everyone should have-  an experience for life I can guarantee you won't ever regret.'

-Sisse Haugland Thomsen, Writer, Artist and Stand up comedian

'...du skal vide, hvor glad jeg er for at jeg kom til clairvoyance hos dig, da jeg nu føler mig bedre rustet til de forskellige strabadser og trolde, som jeg møder på min vej. Du er knivskarp, kvindemenneske!'

 -Maria Bangsgaard Køster, Designer


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