Know Yourself

Are you conscious of your own potential and your power? Are you consciously choosing to free yourself from programming, expectation and fitting in normal life?

Are you living the life you came here to live?

How comfortable are you in your own skin, your passion, drive, sexuality, sensuality, ability to express  your needs, limits, worth? How is your ability to manifestm and consiously transform your shadow? 

How is your Heart?

Do you know and understand the depth of that force within you that expresses seemingly uncontrollable as anger, dark emotions, aggression, jealousy, passive aggression, guilt, extreme control issues and do you fear your own darkness?

Would you like to understand this side

of you and integrate it, make peace with it

and turn it to your greatest strength instead?

Want to work with your shadow, your ancestral karma and embody your own power?

Shall we work energetically on removing the barriers that hinders your Heart to know unconditional love?

In this session I merge astrology and psychicism to focus on these issues. Therefore I need your date of birth, time and place.


Mobile +45 20 74 52 96


Duration: 1 hour

Fee: 100 EUR

Only available via Zoom.